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Yellow Roses & Lemons Print Dress Size M

Yellow Roses & Lemons Print Dress Size M

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Yellow Roses & Lemons Print Dress Size M

100% organic cotton

Side panels: 100% cotton 

This dress is made with a print that I designed. It was printed in small batches in the US. It's an organic cotton knit (like jersey), very soft and slightly stretchy. The side panels are made with upcycled 100% cotton eyelet lace. The back and front are mirror images. 

**Please note I am self-taught at sewing so there are some mistakes in the construction, but I am getting better as I go :) Please look at the photos for details regarding stitching and finishing. I try my best to make everything as neat as possible. This item is on sale because of some stitching issues around the arm areas, but it doesn't affect the overall look. 

Handmade in Canada. Worldwide shipping.

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